There is something about rage that fuels us when we’re weak and can become a crutch that limits us from ever really harnessing the power of a healthy life. My desiRage Fitness Logore is to help you get control and get well. There are some mental workouts and tips that I’ll be doling out throughout the time I write on this blog and I hope you’ll find some comfort knowing that there’s a lot you can do to control your anger and be healthy and fit at the same time.

Where Does Rage Comes From?

  • A lack of control
  • A lack of rest
  • A lack of physical activity
  • A lack of power
  • An underlying sense of injustice

You can combat many of these internal demons with a healthy exercise regimen and a dietary plan. Sometimes self awareness and an understanding of our own metabolism can help us reduce the rage and funnel it towards a strong healthy and confident life. I hope you’ll read along with us and enjoy the pointers we give in the weeks to come.


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