Yoga with kids can be a great experience for your and your little one. By doing yoga together, you offer your child a great way to become more expressive, explore her body and mind and build independent thinking and self-esteem. But above all this exercise can offer you a great bonding, because you can share a nice time together. The following are some great tips for doing yoga with your kids.

Do Some Simple Poses Together
When your kid sees you practicing, she can begin to do exactly what you are doing. You can begin by letting your little one seeing you practicing and then you can ask her to join you. This way your child can start imitating your poses – so it’s better to try some very simple ones, in order she can follow you. For instance, many kids love the dog pose or the raw raw your boat pose. If your kids asks you a number of questions about what you are doing, just explain in a simple way the poses and breathing. You can also try to ask her ot follow your instructions, especially if she is above 5 years of age.
Take Time to Relax Between Your Poses
You can just lie in your back for just 1 or 2 minutes, while you tell your kid a lovely story. For example, you can tell her to look at the sky or imagine a beautiful beach. Keep in mind that staying still may be a very tough skill for your little one, so you need to be patient. Just remember that you need to guide your little one though the body and teach her how to relax. If you wish, you can also encourage her to take some deep breaths.
Use Some Fun & Relaxing Music
You can also try to use fun music with some simple lyrics, in order to help your little one connect with her poses. For example, you can find various choices of music for yoga for children on YouTube. This is a great way to make your child relax while practicing yoga with you. Moreover, you can teach her to move along with the music tunes.
Choose a Quiet Place
By doing so, you are giving the chance to your little one to feel more relaxed and peaceful and enjoy the moments without any distractions. You can also pick some nice mats and colourful cushions for doing some meditation. Ask you child to add her favorite stone or candle, in order to make your ‘place’ more quiet and relaxing for both of you. Generally, kids love having their own space and stuff. Give your kid the chance to leave her worries behind and just enjoy the moment; breath, relax and meditate.
Try a Yoga Class Together
You can also attend a class together in order to practice yoga poses under the instructions of a teacher. This way you can both focus on what your instructor tells you side by side. By doing so, you give the opportunity to your child to feel that you are on the same team, trying to do what the teacher says. It’s a great way for your child to have fun and spend some great time with you.
Doing yoga with your child can be a great experience for both of you. Your child can begin feel more concentrated, relaxed and closer to you.
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