How to Fit into Fitness

Stretching Before the GameWhy waste your time at a fitness center when you can stimulate your social, emotional, mental AND physical health by finding athletic clubs. A fitness center is already an admission that you don’t have the organizational ability to put together a healthy activity to do with your friends. There are a plethora of healthy things that one can organize that require little to no money up front and stimulate more than just the physical body but the mental, relational and spiritual aspects of your life.

Health Clubs

There are all kinds of fitness related activities that could be called clubs or friendships, pick up games or back yard brawls. There are no shortage of opportunities to run, walk, jog, jump roll and climb if one has only the ability to make it to a park. And while the location seems to be a bit more public the truth is that you will have less issues with stalkers, unwanted attention and foul language at the park than you would have at your local gym these days.

Fitness is about Friendship

Don’t forget that the best and safest way to stay fit is to have a friend help you along the way. If you are not in that kind of a relationship with someone who can call you up when you’re on the couch or kick you off your kiester if you’re sitting too long in the easy chair then start laying the foundation for a fit friendship so you can practice fitness with your friend.