For humans to be able to live their lives to the full extent, enjoy the beauty of nature, and face every challenge that life throws at them, it is important they remain healthy and fit. And the secret behind good health is a healthy and well-balanced diet. Most people do not pay attention to their diet and eat almost anything without considering the repercussions it could have for their health. Having an unhealthy diet can affect your body in ways that could greatly affect your health and your quality of life.

The human body requires a certain amount of nutrition to sustain itself and if your diet lacks any of the basic nutrients required by the body, it might lead to nutrient deficiency. If your diet does not provide your body with adequate amounts of potassium, Vitamin D, Calcium, Vitamin C and dietary fibers. An unhealthy diet which fails to provide your body with the required amount of nutrients can have negative implications on your body. Vitamin D deficiency can cause your bones to become weak and brittle, whereas a low level of potassium can cause muscle weakness and fatigue.

An unhealthy diet can not only weaken your body, it can also make it vulnerable to major diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular ailments. Which is why it so important to include healthy foods from each food group into your diet in adequate amounts. An unhealthy diet that consists mostly of oily, fried junk food puts you at risk to increased cholesterol, obesity and increases the risk of cardiac arrest that could end up to heart failure.

An unhealthy diet which lacks fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains can increase your weight drastically which can lead to a whole new range of dangerous diseases and ailments. Unhealthy diet can lead to obesity, which can an extremely negative impact on your body, making it vulnerable to coronary diseases, Type 2 diabetes, cancer, sleep apnea and weakening of body joints.

Apart from obesity, vitamin deficiency caused by an unhealthy diet can also affect the body negatively. Lack of vitamin A can affect your eyesight, whereas the lack of vitamin C in your diet can cause scurvy. Lack of other vitamins in diet can lead to several other diseases like anemia, poor cognition, fatigue, stunted growth, and constipation.

In other to protect yourself from all these harmful effects of having an unhealthy diet, you should ensure that your diet is well-balanced and includes fresh and wholesome foods. A healthy diet includes a portions of fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains like wheat, barley and beans. Just like a car which needs high quality well-refined fuel, along with adequate amounts of quality engine oil or else it will break down, similarly a human body requires a wide range of healthy foods in its diet in order to function properly. If you constantly provide your body an unhealthy diet devoid of necessary nutrients and foods, it will break down and succumb to dangerous and life threatening ailments. Therefore, it is important to quit unhealthy diet and adopt a more healthy lifestyle by including fresh and healthy foods in your daily diet.